Changing Details

Need to upgrade your organization's profile? Forgot your log in details? Learn how to get those sorted out with the help of these quick tips!

Take note, settling these issues would require you to connect with your local TechSoup Asia agent. To get their contact details, kindly see this link: Contact Us


Why do I need to register my organization to get products?

Only valid nonprofit organizations and/or public libraries can qualify for software donations. That said, we need you to register your organization first so that we can verify that you are representing a bona fide nonprofit in your own local community. Want to know how we verify if an organization is a non-profit or not? Feel free to check this link for more information: 


Forgot your log in details?

So, if you happen to have forgotten your log in details (username and password), don't you worry! Feel free to contact your local agent and he or she will help in retrieving those for you. 

By the way, we can only retrieve your username. As per your password, your local agent will be providing you with a temporary one which we suggest for you to change immediately after logging in, just to keep your account as secure as possible.

Also, for security purposes, please take note that we will only be sending these details (username and temporary password) to TechSoup Asia-registered users. 


Need to update your organization's details?

If your organization has moved to a different location, changed your phone number, created a new email address and/or have basically undergone any significant changes that needs to be reflected in your TechSoup Asia profile, just kindly contact your local agent to get these changes incorporated in your profile.

Note: You need to get in touch with your local agent since you won't be allowed to edit your profile directly.


Didn't receive any validation link or any other emails at all?

Can't proceed to register your organization since you haven't received the validation link yet? Don't worry, first, try checking your SPAM or Junk folder as it may have went straight to it. If not, just feel free to shoot an email to either or and they'll help you get that sorted out. The same goes if ever you're not receiving any email updates from us at all. Just feel free to let us know immediately so we could make sure that you won't be missing out on anything!


Need to change your account administrator?

If you'd like to change the person who's running your TechSoup Asia account, it's best to ask your new administrator to create a new user account, if turning over the old user account is not possible. Afterwards, just contact your local agent so s/he can connect your new user account to your organization's profile.


Have we registered our organization already?

Not sure if you've already registered your organization before? It's best to contact your local agent to have that checked. Having a duplicate account might complicate the process of placing requests since each organization is only allocated with a certain amount of donations.