IDCloudHost Website Domain Name & Cloud Hosting (1-year)

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SKU: IDC-1016
14 USD

IDCloudHost is a local web service provider based in Indonesia that offer a wide range of services including domain name registration and cloud hosting to name a few.

This donated package can only be availed once and is for Indonesia NGOs only. Any additional packages bought cannot be used on the same domain, and renewal of the domain and hosting should be arranged directly with IDCloudHost.

This would include one year registration of a custom domain name for your website and one year worth of cloud hosting to help support your website’s overall accessibility and availability.


Benefits for Organizations

You can use IDCloudHost’s web services to:

  • Improve your website’s overall search engine optimization (SEO) and be easily discovered by potential donors and supporters by providing it with a custom domain which can include NGO-specific extensions such as .org or
  • Keep your website online and minimize instances of web downtime through dedicated cloud hosting services


Major Features

The one-time offer would include 1-year worth of the following:

  • Your own custom website domain name which can include NGO-specific extensions such as .org or
  • IDCloudHost Elite-Pro cloud hosting, which includes the following specifications:


Retrieving the services

Once the admin fee for this request has been made, kindly follow the necessary steps to accomplish and retrieve the domain and cloud-hosting service:

  1. Forward the formal TechSoup receipt to
  2. Wait for 24-48 hours for IDCloudHost to communicate with your organization and to provide you with the instructions on where you will be forwarding the details and requirements to registered the desired domain

Note: Certain identification documents may be required from you such as organization registration documents and identification cards (e.g. Government IDs, Passports, etc.) as is traditionally required when registering a domain.


Subscription Renewal

This offer will be made available to Indonesian NGOs only once. Renewal after the first year will be arranged directly with IDCloudHost for the appropriate market price. Additional packages bought will be for a different domain since renewal should only be arranged with IDCloudHost directly.