Boost Training & Support Package

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SKU: G-50210
75 USD


The Boost Training & Support package is designed to make technology more accessible to your organization through education.

With Boost, you are able to receive a growing list of services and offersfor one whole year. These services include access to online learning resources such as courses and webinars, event passes and access to free and exclusive discounts to software.

These services are available to all organizations of any type or size, and are designed to help organizations to address any unique challenge they may be facing.


Capacity building services:

Through a minimal one-time fee, your organization can access the following direct training & support services for an entire year:

  • Access online courses, webinars and events designed specifically to help non-profit organizations to improve their operations & tech planning
  • Access exclusive free licenses and discounts to essential software designed to help boost your organization's capacity

View full list of Boost exclusive features here


Activating Your Boost Package:

Once TechSoup approves your request, we will email you instructions on how you can claim each of the services and features included in your Boost Training & Support Package.

Any eligible organization can request for unlimited Boost Training & Support Packages. Services and features obtained from additional packages purchased will be added on the existing services and features that have already been purchased.

Your Boost Package's features can be claimed anytime within 1-full year beginning on the day of payment. The package will expire after one year and you would be required to purchase the package again in order to access Boost's features and services for antoher year.