Donor Partner Support

Each donor partner implements their own rules, restrictions and other whatnot. To  orient yourself with those, here are some quick articles that will definitely will you out:


What are the eligibility rules and program guidelines?

Each donor partner implements their own eligibility rules and donation limits. This means that though your organization qualifies for Microsoft donations, it does not automatically entail that it qualifies for the other donor partners as well. To check your if your organization would qualify for each donor partner, and also how much licenses you can request for, kindly see the following links:

Besides nonprofit organizations, all for donor partners also support public libraries. Currently, the public library donation program is available in the Philippines only. So, if you're representing a public library in the Philippines, kindly see this link for requirements to be made eligible for software donations: Philippine Public Libraries

For additional details regarding the Public Libraries donation program, just kindly see this link: Microsoft program guidelines

Last but not the least, Faith-based Organizations are also supported in our software donation program but only by Microsoft. Simply speaking, if you're representing a Faith-based organization, you are only eligible to place requests for Microsoft software only.


How soon will we receive the donations?

Applicable to all partners, once your order has been accepted and processed, the usual turnaround time would be at around 10 business days. But, if the payment process you've used are either Bank Transfer or Cheque, turnaround time might take an additional 7 to 14 days as these would be international transactions. 


How can we return the products we've ordered?

Applicable to all partners, as this is a donation program, we do not allow returning requested programs. Downloaded products cannot as well be exchanged or refunded. Once these requests have been approved and the administration fees received, all programs requested will be considered as instaled and in use.


How can I renew my licenses?

Applicable to SAP, renewing of licenses can be done by placing a request for the same product within the next fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).


Is there any minimum quantity of licenses for per order?

Don't you worry, we don't implement any minimum number of licenses in order to process your request. So, if you happen to just need a single license of a product, then by all means just request for one! However, do take into consideration that the partners do implement a maximum number of allowable licenses to be requested. To learn more about this, just head back to the Eligibility Rules.

Though you're free to place a request for a single license at a time, please take note of the special rule regarding Get Genuine Operating Systems provided by Microsoft. As this is a special program, organizations are only given one instance to request for Get Genuine Operating Systems in their entire registration to TechSoup Asia. Hence, we would usually suggest for organizations to either request for the maximum allowable of 50 licenses or a little more than what they need to make the most of this opportunity.


What if I haven't received any license information?

Didn't receive any license information related to your SAP or Adobe requests? Contact or your local agent immediately to arrange for these to be sent again.

On the other hand, if these are related to your Microsoft requests, you can get this sorted out immediately by logging in to your account and following these simple steps:

  1. Once logged in click on My Orders via the user  menu which is located on the right hand side of the screen
  2. Click on the View link located under Order Status under the relevant transaction
  3. Scroll down until you see the option to resend the license email copy by email. Alternatively you can view your licence details on the same page.

Requested through multiple branches? Just repeat the process above for each branch.


Is there support for Miscellaneous issues?

Do you have program-specific issues? Check out this link for additional support: Miscellaneous partner-specific issues

Still didnt' get an answer? Just feel feel free to our customer support service or your local agent!