VLSC: What your Nonprofit needs to know

Whether it's your first time to place a request for Microsoft products or not, it's extremely useful to know your way around it. So, to learn how to make your way around it, here are all the step-by-step guides you're going to need!


VLSC, what is it?

The VLSC – Volume Licensing Service Center – is Microsoft’s portal where organizations can retrieve both their Microsoft software donations and also the license keys necessary to activate them. Take note, only Microsoft software and licenses can be accessed through the VLSC. Software donations and licenses from Adobe, Symantec and SAP will be retrieved via their own different processes.

Want to learn more about what the VLSC is? Just feel free to visit this link: Microsoft Volume Licensing - what is it and how it applies to your donation?

Also, it's important to take note that VLSC products are essentially different from those in retail. To learn more about this, kindly read through this article: VLSC: Differences from Retail Products


How can they navigate through the VLSC?

Using the VLSC can get a little confusing, most especially if it's your first time doing so. But, don't you worry! Here are some helpful links that you use as a reference: 


How to contact VLSC?

If the links fail, don't you worry, we still have one more card to play! There are some instances that the problem related to the VLSC may be beyond our capabilities. If you encounter one of these, just feel free to redirect the organization to contact Microsoft directly. They can retrieve the local contact details in this link: VLSC Contact Details


Anything else I should take note of?

Other than the installers and license keys, the VLSC will also be your gateway to certain other privileges provided in the Software Assurance that comes with most Microsoft Software. These benefits are available to you for two years from the time of your original request. To know what kinds of benefits await you, just feel free to read through this article: Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits

Have other concerns regarding your VLSC such as how you can access it and so on? Feel free to visit this link to help you get those sorted out: Miscellaneous Issues on Software Assurance


Not sure what happens after you've accessed your software donations through the VLSC? This article will breeze you through how you can download the installers and run them in your computers.